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Navy Blue Satin Dotted / Stripe Reversible Bow Tie

Navy Blue Satin Dotted / Stripe Reversible Bow Tie

Navy Blue Satin Dotted / Stripe Reversible Bow Tie

Product Code: BWR-NAV-ST/DO
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Introducing the World's First Reversible Magnetic Bow Tie by Magnetie. A multi-use, mix-n-match, reversible bow tie that takes the hassle out of having to tie a bow tie more than once and makes wearing them fun and easy!

How it works: Using the same patented magnetic functionality as our magnetic neckties, the Magnetie Bow Tie utilizes two freely moving internal small rare earth magnets stitched into the body of each of the bow tie ends. This allows for the wearer to reverse each bow tie side independently and mix and match other Magnetie Bow Tie ends. Thus creating unique two tone or multiple pattern bow tie looks simply by connecting two Bow Tie ends of your choice! Another added benefit of the patented Magnetic Bow Tie is that once you figure out how to tie your bow tie once, simply adjust around your neck by pulling on both ends of the two straps and unclip and remove when you are done wearing it, avoiding having to retie it again later!

Satin Dotted Front / Satin Stripe Rear.
Material: 100% Pure Silk Handmade Bow Tie

USA & Canada - Flat Rate ($5.00) 5-10 Days
International - Flat Rate ($5.00) 10-15 Days




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