Royal Purple Satin Stripe / Solid Reversible Tie

Royal Purple Satin Stripe / Solid Reversible Tie

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Introducing, the World's first Reversible Magnetic Tie. Our two sided Reversible Magnetie is two ties in one, an intelligent and efficient necktie.  

How it works: Small internal rare earth magnets keep the tie tail retained behind the tie regardless of the length of tail remaining after tying. Just tie like any other tie, bring the tail towards the front and it will attract and stay in place every time. Also, inside the packaging of every Magnetie is a small metal disk that when placed behind the shirt, attracts to the magnets inside the tie body and acts as a tie clip to keep the tie in place no matter what you are doing that day or what that day is doing to you.
Satin Striped Front / Solid Rear.
100% Pure Silk Handmade Necktie

USA & Canada - Flat Rate ($5.00) 5-10 Days
International - Flat Rate ($5.00) 10-15 Days


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