General Questions

If you have a question, hopefully we’ve already answered it below. If not, please contact us at: info@themagnetie.com

What is a Reversible Magnetie Tie? 

-The Reversible Magnetie is a tie with special stitching which allows it to have two display sides so either side can be worn in front. The Reversible Magnetie Tie also includes two rare earth magnets that allow for universal clipping of the rear tail of the tie to the larger display side of the necktie. This also removes the need for a tie loop like on all conventional neckties, allowing for it to be completely reversible.

Can I iron my tie?

-This is not recommended. Like any silk necktie, an Iron can damage the tie. An less risky alternative is to hang the tie in the bathroom while you shower or use a professional steamer to loosen up the wrinkles.

Can I dry clean my Magnetie? 

-Yes, but only as a last resort. Dry cleaning your necktie at the neighborhood cleaner usually ends in disappointment, mostly because they tend to over-press ties.

Is it possible to see the reverse side of the tie after tying?

-No, the Reversible Magnetie is stitched in a way that only the chosen display side of the necktie is visible after tying.

Is wearing the Magnetie necktie hazardous to your health?

-According to the World Health Organization, there are no hazardous risks associated with similar therapeutic magnets and they are recognized as generally safe for children and adults. However, if you have a Pacemaker or a Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator you should not wear a Magnetie as the magnets could cause interference with cardiac devices and pose a potential hazard.

WARNING – Magnets may pose serious risks for patients with pacemakers and ICDs. Do not use if you have a pacemaker or an implantable cardioverter defibrillator.

What is the size of the Magnetie?

-The Magnetie neckties are the same dimensions as a standard necktie, that is 148 x 8.5 x 3.8cm.

Do you have a patent on the Magnetie invention?

-Patent Pending

I would like to discuss licensing how can I get in touch with Magnetie LLC regarding a possible opportunity?  

-Please contact us at: opportunities@themagnetie.com

I would like to carry Magneties in my store. How can I do this?

-Please contact us at: opportunities@themagnetie.com