Simple things should be just that, simple.

Using the same methodologies as other successful innovators, we believe in
reducing the functions of a product down to its core simplicity and to focus on
‘form’ in order to create multiple uses. Products with multiple uses end up being
more efficient. This benefits you, the consumer, and is our goal in everything we do.

Bringing the traditions of yesterday into the future.

The traditional necktie design needed some rethinking. There are so many
reasons why the current necktie just does not meet the needs of the modern
man. For years, people have tried everything possible to make the necktie
more efficient with pesky tie clips and tie pins that damage the material and
add unnecessary complexity to your wardrobe. The solution is to simplify the
design and create a necktie that does all the work itself. This is what we have
done with the Magnetie necktie and we hope to honor the traditions of
yesterday by bringing the necktie into the future.

We are interested in your feedback and are always looking for better ways to 
serve our customer; therefore, we encourage you to send us your suggestions 
and comments about our products at

Thank you for choosing the Magnetie necktie.