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CHICAGO, Ill., (May 12, 2012) Magnetie Neckties LLC, a new Chicago based startup, announced today its launch of the world’s first reversible magnetic necktie and they plan on making a big impact on the traditional necktie industry. The product is called the Magnetie Necktie, a tie that includes two small magnetic disks in the front and rear tail of the tie. The company’s use of magnets stitched inside the body of the necktie instead of a fabric ring on the rear of the tie eliminates the need for tie bars, tie clips and tie pins to keep the necktie tail behind the necktie. This eliminates the need for different length ties as the Magnetie can be tied at any size knot or length and the tail will always be clipped securely behind the tie.

“The age old necktie was never designed right. For years, consumers have tried everything possible to make the necktie more efficient,” said Joel Paglione, CEO and founder, Magnetie Neckties. “We at Magnetie think we have created a necktie that finally does all the work itself and we are very excited about getting our product out to the consumer as fast as possible.”

In addition, the absence of a fabric ring allowed the company to make the neckties completely reversible. The company’s CEO explains that every Reversible Magnetie has two different sides – that is two neckties in one. They claim that this provides particular advantages to business travelers who want to pack only two ties as opposed to four for that next business trip. Not to mention the space savings in your closet.

“All neckties have two sides of beautiful fabric and yet the common necktie has been designed to display only one of those sides– it just did not make sense,” said Paglione. “We have incorporated special stitching along the perimeter of the necktie to allow for the tie to be worn on either side without noticing the fact the necktie has two faces. Imagine never having to be concerned about showing up at your next important event wearing the same necktie as the guy next to you.”

Using the same methodologies as other successful innovators, Magnetie LLC took the necktie design and reduced the functions of the product down to its core simplicity by focusing on ‘form’ in order to create multiple uses for the design. “Products with multiple uses end up being more efficient. This benefits you, the consumer, and is our goal in everything we do,” said Paglione.

They simply think things should be designed properly the first time, the company’s CEO and founder explains. The Magnetie Necktie may finally be the solution to common necktie issues consumers have been waiting on for decades. And it comes at a perfect time for the city of Chicago. The city has experienced an increasing number of innovative startups over the past decade. Chicago is quickly making their presence known in the global marketplace as a contender for title of top US city for new innovative product development, entrepreneurship, and internet startups. Many startups in Chicago are being recognized for their ideas and the list gets longer each month. Travel booking site Orbitz, deal site Groupon, and restaurant delivery site GrubHub all started in Chicago.

“We are proud to be part of a growing startup community full of great innovators but we know success does not just fall in your lap – it will take a large effort to change the traditional mindset people have about neckties. Ultimately, our goal is to honor the traditions of yesterday by bringing the necktie into the future.” said Paglione.

The company plans on spooling up inventory and product launches in stores for the 2012 Father’s day season. Currently the Magnetie can be purchased on their company website at and is available in four different reversible color and pattern combinations for summer 2012.


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CHICAGO, Ill., (February 19, 2013) Magnetie Neckties, LLC releases their new reversible Home/Away line of sports team themed ties that incorporate The Magnetie technology. This is the first time diehard fans have an opportunity to sport their favorite team’s colors on a carefully crafted 100% silk neck tie to show their game day spirit at the office or at that special event. The Magnetie team has crafted a perfect balance of fashion meeting function with their new Home/Away reversible ties. Typically only owners and team executives have had access to these incredible pieces in the past through their own personal clothiers.

The new Home/Away line allows the business professional to show their team support with class and in a subtle way while still looking professional. The Chicago based start-up is in the process of pursuing retailers to help bring this new addition of Magnetie Neckties right to you. The striped Home/Away necktie is reversible and contains rare earth magnets to secure your neck tie without the use of a tie bar or tie clip. The Magnetie will always keep you looking your best at all times.



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