Magnetie Neckties


Made of the best quality silk, the Magnetie necktie has two modern sides with exclusive stitching. Just flip it, and you have a different tie. Need six neckties for your business trip? Only pack three reversible Magnetie neckties and you’re ready for that trip.

Two neckties in one | Efficient

Rare Earth Magnets

Each Magnetie necktie has two powerful rare earth magnets inside the head and tail of the tie. Double Windsor knot with a short tie? Tie any knot you choose and the magnets will secure the tail behind the tie every time, concealing it from view.

Always the right length | Intelligent

Instant Solution

The reversible Magnetie necktie can offer something no other necktie can. An instant solution to a soiled necktie. Dressed perfectly for that important meeting and dropped some food on your tie? A simple flip and you’re ready for your pitch.

Second chance | Convenient

One Size Fits All

No more need for extra long ties. No more adult size and children size ties. The Magnetie fits everyone. Avoid tying then re-tying over again to reach the tie loop, the tail will always retain behind the tie.

No More Fuss | Universal

No More Gadgets

Tired of wearing pesky tie clips and damaging tie tacks to keep your tie from flapping around? The Magnetie requires no additional gadgets or gizmos to work properly. It's all-in-one functionality does everything a tie clip, bar, or tack can do and more. A hassle free necktie- Finally.

All-in-one | Functional


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